Erdgas campaign


The Erdgas energy providers are present across the whole gas chain in Luxembourg.

At the end of 2007, the group organized a pitch in order to launch a brand new advertising campaign intended to revitalise the image of the company, to encourage a positive perception of gas energy and to reduce psychological reticence due to incomplete information among the target audience. In a time of global oil crisis, it was important to communicate the multiple sources of gas import satisfying growing demand and supplying secure distribution pipeline.

Our approach
Bizart’s educational approach is a fusion between scientific information and emotional sensibilisation.

We wanted to inform about the whole process of natural gas imports, from natural deposits to private home and tried to anticipate consumers’ frequently asked questions. The visual language is naïve and provides a human touch to very technical content and communicates responsibility for the environment and fellow human beings.

The graphic design works without any photos, which helps to reduce the costs of production and copyright. The other advantage is that we can immediately provide an illustration completely in tune with the content and easily adaptable to each media. The wording focussed on economical and environmental aspects that make natural gas appear to be the best possible energy source. The ‘good pipeline’ is the first translation of the French baseline ‘le bon tuyau’. But it can also translate as good advice, or the best choice.