Alfi branding


At the end of 2009, Bizart won a pitch organised by Alfi to develop a stronger and more dynamic identity and produce cross-media guidelines applicable to all media.

Our approach
Bizart developed a generic layout for different communication tools (print, web etc.), including the creation of an extensive icon platform.
The icon system is a flexible and powerful tool to represent graphically the different topics Alfi addresses. It utilises the Alfi logo as the basic graphic element and because it is an open ended system allows the graphic designer to continuously create new icons, thus reflecting the innovative trends of the investment fund industry. Furthermore it can be easily adapted to appear on the cover of a report or a flyer or used in a smaller format for banners or boxes.
Bizart has produced several B2B publications and provided artistic supervision in the production of various marketing material (roll-ups, conference programs, brochures).