World AIDS Day


The “Aidsberodung” from the Red Cross and the Ministry of Health, as every year, held a campaign to achieve awareness around the World AIDS Day. Through this campaign we wanted to encourage people to protect themselves against AIDS (with condoms) and make them aware of the dangers of HIV and AIDS.
For the customer it was important to create a positive campaign that would appeal primarily to a young audience (16-35) and was easily understood.

Our approach
The slogan “Style doesn’t matter, protection does” illustrated by a bunch of colored condoms hanging on a clothesline is a colorful and fun way to present the condom.The condom has existed for centuries but remains a taboo subject for most people. The different forms, sizes and colors attracted the eye and brought the audience to look at this object of which many people still don’t dare to talk about. The purpose of this campaign was multiple, it was both to show the object via posters, tee shirts, and condompackagings to trivialize it, but also remember that it remains the only effective means of protection against the HIV infection.
The slogan also allowed to tell anyone that regardless of the way of doing “it”, the only thing that matters is to protect yourself!