BGL BNP Paribas Agence Europe


Bizart created and produced a campaign for the opening of BGL BNP Paribas new "Agence Europe", a new innovative way of banking without counters.

Our approach
In order to create buzz around the opening of the branch, we set up a countdown in real time announcing the big event and adapted it in a way it would also work on web banners and the LED screens installed in the windows of the new space.

Once the event was revealed - the opening of the office - it was essential to show its new atypical premises and highlight the various services offered.

We created a campaign in which we have a specific message for the different audiences. The headline promotes the identification of the customer and the benefits of this new  space. And to strengthen the link between the client and the new office even more, we also created street marketing actions around Kirchberg and downtown. For instance, we installed "fake" Bank advisors equipped with an iPad showing how the new Europe Branch is changing the traditional vision of banking.