Luxembourg Vins & Crémants


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their premium product „Crémant de Luxembourg“, Luxemburgs well-known specialist for fine wines and champagne „Vins & Crémants“ chose to collaborate with Bizart to create a representative brand-awareness campaign.

Our approach
The target group, lifestyle-oriented people between 25-45 years, is well aware of the importance of celebrating the special moments in life. The campaign’s strong visual combines these special moments in a champagne bottle shape symbolic for all the „Crémants du Luxembourg“. The shape is formed solely by words that highlight the numerous sparkling moments in life, thus underlining the quality and diversity of the crémant and the whole product range.
The minimalistic design adds a modern touch to the traditional values represented by the characteristic bottle shape and the golden base color. The choice of vocabulary allows to reinforce the emotional connection for the existing customer as well as to create new links with potential clients.The modern approach was continued in the choice of campaign media. Animated web banners, table mats and post cards in hot-spot locations were favoured against classical media. In addition, posters were installed near relevant sales spots to support consumer behaviour accordingly. The combination of different marketing strategies gave the consumer the opportunity to connect to the luxury brand in a very individual way – individual like the customer himself.