Raoul on


The sensibilisation campaign ‘Raoul’ refers to selecting a person to remain sober, as the driver of a vehicle, while others are allowed to drink to excess (with alcoholic beverages). For 2011, The Road Safety Association Luxemburg wanted to award the people that are ‘Raoul’ on a weekly basis.

Our approach
The fun factor is caracteristic of the Luxembourg designated driver version. Thats why we got together with Zap - a luxemburgish facebooklike online community - to organize a contest where people could submit a picture of them and explain why they are ‘THE’ Raoul, and vote in order to win an evening in a stretchlimo with 7 friends.
The limo picks up all the guests, drives them to a resaturant in the city to have dinner and afterwards to a famous club where they get a VIP table & free drinks, for all 8 of them. Everybody gets driven home after the night in town.