Tango logo


At the end of 2008, Bizart won the pitch. After the take-over by Belgacom in 2008, Tango had to recreate its corporate identity in order to be fully integrated into the group and in line with the brand values and promises of Belgacom without forgetting its own image capital.

Our approach
Tango’s new identity had to adopt Belgacom’s corporate guidelines. The challenge was to combine the competences and technological resources to local market environments. The new visual language of the brand is very clear and precise and communicates the values of the brand. Tango will no longer only position itself as the cheapest provider on the market, but focuses on quality and efficiency of its products and services.
The selected typeface is very close to the logo of Belgacom and shows that Tango is a confirmed family member. The ‘))’ represents a real playground for graphic designers to push the brand in a creative way.