OPL campaign


Bizart was asked to provide its expertise in communication and manage OPL’s global communication by enhancing its positioning and image in the mainstream of cultural events.

Our approach
To give more power to the logo, we decided to highlight it with a circle in changing contemporary colours. The graphic element of two discs juxtaposed symbolises how music was stored in the past.
In order to reach younger target groups, new technologies were employed. A series of interactive screens equipped with a headset were placed in bus shelters in heavily trafficked areas. The poster invited the passers-by to “connect to classical” and once the plug was inserted, symphonies by Brahms, Mendelssohn, Beethoven and Rachmaninov could be heard.
Posters displaying a bar code were also placed in the underground passage recently re-opened at the train station. By capturing the bar code on a smart phone, passers-by were able to listen to symphonies in mp3 file on the phone.
The new marketing tactics translated into a 126% sales increase of ticket packages among the “cross-disciplinary” audiences.