Ministère du Développement durable et des Infrastructures / Vigilance


With the return of the warm weather and the reappearance of the two-wheeled traffic, the MDDI wanted to launch an awareness campaign for motorcyclists and cyclists in order to reduce the number of accidents and road casualties.

Faced with the high vulnerability of motorcyclists and cyclists, the campaign was intended to attract the attention of the target group and that of other road users (drivers) on the dangers and specific behaviours associated with the presence of circulating two-wheelers.

The campaign needed to encourage cyclists and motorcyclists to make themselves visible, not to act in unpredictable ways and to anticipate the behaviour of other road users. Also to educate drivers to pay more attention and adjust their speed and their behaviour in the presence of vulnerable road users.

Our approach
It was important for us to give a sense of responsibility to all users of the road: cars, bikes and motorcycles

We opted for a strong and direct: “cars, motorcycles, bicycles: together, let’s remain vigilant”
A collective and individual awareness, combined with mutual respect, is the entry point of our campaign.
The illustration of this message by a striking and universal visual prompts each road user to realize that his/her behaviour is rich in consequences for others.
The strength of the visual and the personalization of injured person allow a more effective awareness of the dangers of the road by anchoring the  campaign in the reality.