Ministère du Développement durable et des Infrastructures / Tunnels


Many drivers change their behaviour in tunnels. This is often related to a feeling of claustrophobia or even the fear of being immobilized in a traffic jam inside the tunnel. Bizart was asked by the Sustainable Development Ministry to develop a sensitisation campaign that could make the road users more attentive in tunnels.

Our approach
The message “Ready for the tunnel? “ appeals directly the driver to think about how to behave crossing a tunnel.
Did I put on my dimmed headlights?
Did I adapt my speed?
Do I respect the security distance?
These three traffic rules are the most important to guarantee the optimum security in tunnels. They are represented by the universal language of icons that are simple and immediately understood.
The chromatic treatment in two highly contrasted colours (black and yellow) reference to the tunnel colours and attracts the attention of the driver.