Ministère du Développement durable et des Infrastructures / Littering


Recent records taken by the Ministry of Sustainable Development of Luxembourg show a dramatic increase of consumer behaviour common to most of us. Throughout the last years, thoughtless littering has lead up to an alarming 309kg of waste per road kilometer on the national highways. Therefore, the ministry teamed up with Bizart to create a unique awareness campaign to strengthen responsibility in the consumers’ behaviour.

Our approach
The campaign’s goal set in spring 2011 aimed at visualizing how serious the consequence of a seemingly harmless act of everyday life is for the environment. To demonstrate the impact of this behaviour, the number of years it takes for generic waste objects to decompose was put in contrast to the short moment of the act of throwing it out the window. To realize this goal visually, the motives put things into the spotlight that usually are far from stardom.
In addition to classical media, namingly billboard posters by the roadsides and fullback vehicles in the public transportation system, sweepstake flyers were positioned at gas stations, garages etc. to enhance the user’s engagement. Furthermore, the amount of waste collected at highway service areas within three weeks was placed inside transparent acrylic containers as sculptural installations measuring more than ten cubic meters.