Diekirch 750 campaign


For its 750th anniversary, the city of Diekirch wanted to energize and revitalize its image. The aim was to capitalize on this event and position Diekirch as a cultural and historical alternative to Luxembourg City and Esch-sur-Alzette.

Our Approach
The concept of the campaign focuses on what the city is known for by using compelling Luxembourg words in the title: Lycée hotelier is described as yummy “lecker”, the army is referred to by the salute “stramm”. Each image features a person from Diekirch to assure the authenticity of the campaign. The nine portraits were taken as if they were photo ID shot in a photo booth to give them all the same look and feel and strengthen the visual identity of the city during the campaign.

An editorial in the local dialect “dikrichois” then describes the various institutions and characteristics of the city.

The town name is written in “dikrichois” “Dikr-ICH” in the title thus allowing a play of words as “Ich” means “I”. It is then followed by the symbol ^ ^ which is an emoticon used in Japanese to symbolise a happy face and also represents the ears of a donkey, a symbol for the city.

Instead of advertising regularly in the various media and risk going unnoticed, the idea was to concentrate the advertising by placing a series of ads, one after the other in certain magazines to ensure that the reader notices the campaign which features a diverse and exciting program: a concert of classical music attended by over 1000 music lovers despite poor weather, a pop concert trying to contain the frenzy of 8000 fans, and an art exhibition of Murakami and his fellow citizens of the rising sun and the retrospective of the artist Henri Dillenbourg, aka the bad boy.