Ministère de la Famille et de l’Intégration

2010 Campagne «ONU Mënscherechter: Och fir Mënsche mat enger Bëhennerung»

In 2007 Luxembourg signed the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. At the end of 2009, a pitch was organised by the Family and Integration Ministry. The aim was to reach people with disabilities, their families and the greater public with a campaign creating awareness of the Convention and the rights of people with disabilities.

Our approach
Our concept introduced personalities who are, despite their disabilities, leading fulfilling and independent lives. The main four types of disability: physical, mental and sensory (sight and hearing) are each represented by a symbol which is integrated in the name of four fictitious people (Sophie, Leonie, Jos and Serge).
The aim of the campaign is to promote a positive perception of disabled people and combat the stereotypes and prejudices they often must face. It wants to draw attention to the skills of disabled people and their desire to integrate into society.
The concept is original, simple and easily adapted to the different media used for the campaign: posters, radio spots and film.

In 2011 the project was honored twice by the “Grand Prix PaperJam Communication, Marketing and Design Awards”: “Top 10” and “Coup de cœur du jury”.